Season 1: Andrew Veitch

Direct to Consumer marketing lessons from Season 1

Season 1 of the Joy of Marketing Podcast has come to an end. I spent more than 7 hours speaking to entrepreneurs and experts in Direct to Consumer marketing, I spent about the same time preparing and I read three books written by my guests. Here’s what I learnt.

The power of a brand with a real mission behind it is hard to beat. I spoke to Brie Read from Snag Tights and Mark Scott from Bella & Duke who are both passionate campaigners for what they believe in. They don’t just have customers, they have supporters.

Lisa Creaven as a dentist really cares about oral health and launched Spotlight Oral Care. I learnt a lot about influencer marketing particularly the importance of using the influencer in email campaigns and paid marketing.

One of the big missed opportunities in marketing is offline which we covered with Colin Gillespie (media planning), Victor van Amerongen (TV production) and Ian Morrison (marketing inserts) which are both huge channels capable of recruiting millions of customers cheaply. They are also channels that tend to be ignored completely. This is probably why they are so cheap.

The other way to deal with the inflation in paid online marketing is SEO and I was delighted to get Anna Crowe of Search Engine Journal onto the show to give some detailed advice.

When I think about the things that separate average DTC businesses from the great, one of the differences is the attitude to research. Natalie Thwaites gave some great advice and recommended doing a focus group with competitors’ customers to find out why they made that buying decision. Something I think everyone should do.

Freddy Ward spoke about creating a new category which is a very different thing to gaining share of an existing category. He also talked about the importance of selling to customers face-to-face as a great way to learn.

We covered marketing technology with Finbarr Taylor (Shogun) and Scott Brinker (HubSpot). Finbarr talked about headless ecommerce and also had some landing page tips. Scott is the author of Hacking Marketing which talks about martech and how to manage digital marketing.

For anyone marketing to consumers in the UK or the EU, GDPR is a big issue which was dealt with in practical detail by Joanna Boag-Thompson.

Drayton Bird started his career being trained by Draper Daniels, one of the original Mad Men and went on to write Commonsense Direct Marketing which is the place to start if you are learning marketing for DTC. It was an absolute honor to have him on the show and something I will never forget.

Thanks to all of my guests and I’m looking forward to Season 2.

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